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Lift themselves in distress

Shanghai Gaipu Elevator Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2016

1, not Grill doors, door

In an elevator accident, most common is the elevator stopped abruptly, falling at high speed is very low. When the elevator accident, passengers need to calm down, press the emergency button in the elevator or service calls, waiting for help, don't break down the door, and to seize, or easy to increase the chance of elevator suddenly fall.

2, Elevator down each floor it is necessary to press the key

If the elevator happens all of a sudden fall, first of all, buttons on each floor should be pressed quickly, at this time when the power starts, can stop the elevator down. And then the whole back and head against the elevator wall, was a straight line, so that the elevator walls to protect the spine. Second, holding on tightly to a fixed location, to prevent instability and hurt the center of gravity. If the elevator is no armrest, hands neck to prevent neck injury, in addition, knees bent position you want, because the elasticity of the ligaments is the most rich in an organization, use knee bends to withstand severe impact pressure. Finally, the toes point, heel lift, to slow the momentum.

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