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Escalator accident how to save ourselves?

Shanghai Gaipu Elevator Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2016

On every escalator and lower and Central has an emergency stop button, once escalator accidents, safety awareness among passengers should stay awake near the button, press the button the first time, automatically stops the escalator, which can reduce accident injuries.

Riding the escalator in the process, in case of falls, should learn to use "self protection" to prevent matters from getting worse. Because of slipping or falling from a height, if strongly hit in the neck is very dangerous, so it should be with ten fingers interlocked hands, cover your head and neck and the elbows forward, hold bilateral temporal. Knees when bending forward as far as possible, protect your vital organs of the chest and abdomen, lying on the ground. If you find the escalator in front of someone suddenly fell down, should be immediately stopped and shouted, told other passengers do not move.

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