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Machine Room less Home Elevator

effective,steady and quality life,saves the space and shows your outstanding grade
multiple door opening forms for your free choice,permanent magnet material with the best performance, low energy loss

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Home Elevator

Latest design concept of machine room-less
SGECbreaks through the traditional modes,
applies machine room-less innovative design concept,
provides the limited construction space with the more
free and flexible choice by the more compact,
exquisite and perfect structure.

Concise Machine Room-Less Design, Intensive And Perfect Space 
It suits the construction aesthetics design. It applies the innovative machine room-less structure.It brings about the freer and more flexible building space. 

Permanent Magnet Synchronous And Gearless Traction Machine Brings About Low Noise And Non-Pollution 
It applies permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine which saves over 40% of the energy, needs no grease renewal and maintenance-free without pollution. 

Safe And Convenient Intellectual Control 

It applies radiation-free integrated control cabinet which combines contemporary industrial control technology with communication technology.
Enclosed steel plate design shields radiation with the convenient maintenance.

Three-in-one All-round care for your family

Effective, Steady And Quality Life

Power factor 98.2%. Let’s thoroughly enjoy high quality life. 

Saves The Space And Shows Your Outstanding Grade

It applies small well design with small covering area of the well. Minimum requiring space is 1.5mx1.5m. The well can save 40% of space. It merges with the household environment. It shows your outstanding grade. 

Multiple Door Opening Forms For Your Free Choice

Multiple door opening modes fulfills 2700 three-side stereo opening. It almost matches with all the villa houses. It is for your free choice. 

Permanent Magnet Material With The Best Performance

1500℃ operating temperature of rare earth Rubidium-Iron-Boron permanent magnet material is strong in magnetism, high in efficiency. High quality life never gets demagnetized. 

Low Energy Loss

It applies 220V home-use single-phase power supply. Power consumption is only same of that of one home fridge. It actively responds the energy-saving and environment protection life grade in 21st century. 

Outside Call Is On The Operation Panel

When the elevator stopped suddenly due to power failure or other reasons, you can use this service for outside contact.

Gaipu Elevator persists to continuous innovation, environmental-friendly, adheres to spirit of "Efforts for customer satisfaction" constantly improves products quality, offering perfect products and service to customers with high enthusiasm.

Gaipu Elevator is one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers of machine room less home elevator. Introducing advanced international manufacturing installations and technology, our factory specializes in offering quality custom machine room less home elevator which is of high safety and strong stability. Please rest assured to buy.

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